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evohair™ PRO 

Halls of Ivy is proud to be an evohair flagship salon

Explore a universe of color where performance comes without compromise.

Halls Of Ivy uses full range of evohair products

Evo Full Product Line 

Evo Hue Verse Color Line 

Fab Pro 


Bottle Blonde 

in addition to their extensive line of brushes, which are FSC approved and made with responsibly sourced wood making them good for your hair and the planet.




Water Killer Dry Powder Spray

WHY: Best for removing oil from the hair and leaving it workable and voluminous for day 2/3 hair. 

Also great tip: spray heavily on day 3/4 till it dampens your natural hair and Blow Dry in to the root. By adding air/heat with the product you infused the starches and gain extra volume leaving it more refreshed for long lasting results.


Love Touch

WHY: Best shine spray for high gloss finish and with a remarkable fragrnecwe. Great for extensions to add smoothness and shine. Spray on hand and massage through mid shaft and ends or add to a boar bristle brush and comb though, or lightly mist a few inches from hair for best results. 



Mane Tamer Shampoo/Conditioner Set

WHY: This product combo is amazing for smoothing dry frizz hair and condensing the hair strand so that you get a lean and polished finish. Great for curly, or unruly textures or even if you just want a sleek and smooth finish.

Additional Faves

Macgyvor Multi Mousse

Whip It Good Mousse 

Shebang a Bang Dry Spray Wax 

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